Vital Clinics

About Vital Clinics

Vital Clinics is a series of facilitated learning opportunities, workshops with coaching and online resources designed to support family physicians and clinic teams in making practical, step-by-step changes to increase efficiency and manage the extra demand.  Over time, clinic teams will notice decreasing stress and perhaps even getting home on time consistently! The Vital Clinics program is free of charge and participants may join at any time. Physicians are encouraged to attend and invite members of their clinic and PCN support team to join.

Vital Clinics is provided by the Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT).  In alignment with Alberta’s Primary Health Care Strategy, ACTT strives to cultivate a culture of quality improvement to support physicians and teams with the work of building the best medical homes for Albertans. 

Clinics that participate in the full suite of Vital Clinics can expect to: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how the clinic is functioning – what’s working well, and what could be better
  • Apply practical and simple strategies to increase clinic efficiency
  • Apply teamwork principles to help share the load effectively
  • Connect with other clinics to share ideas and strategies
  • Experience increasing levels of ‘joy in work’

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Vital Clinics Resources

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