PCN Strategic Forum


PCN Strategic Forums, hosted by the PCN Physician Leads Executive is an invite-only event geared towards those with a passion for advancing the Patient’s Medical Home. This includes a person who acts individually or collectively with others to influence, instigate, promote, or enable a positive change for health care transformation. This could include board chairs, non-board physician champions, executive directors, practice facilitators, quality improvement leads, project managers, zone support team, and more. 

What is the PCN Strategic Forum?

The PCN Strategic Forum is an annual 2-day conference that focuses on the PCN, zone and provincial contributions to the transformation of primary care in Alberta. Primary healthcare system leaders gather to learn about the important initiatives ahead and to better understand the work already underway to advance the Patient's Medical Home. The annual event alternates between Calgary and Edmonton. 

PCN Strategic Forum is not just a venue to receive information – it provides unique opportunities to network and share ideas with others from across the province.  You will leave feeling connected and inspired!  

What is the history of the PCN Strategic Forum?

The initial concept for Forum was created in 2004 with the first event occurring in 2006. It started as a one-day event with less than 70 attendees that was geared towards PCN physician leads, physicians, health authority leads, and PCN staff.

Since then, more than 30 PCN Forums have occurred across Alberta under a variety of names including PCN Physician Leads Forum, PCN Forum and Primary Care Initiative Forum and they have grown to include over 400 attendees.

Historically, another conference called “Change Agent” was held annually for physician champions, practice facilitators and other agents of change who were operationalizing the priorities set at the governance level.  It was acknowledged that the topics of interest were very similar and that the two groups would benefit from attending a conference together.  The current PCN Strategic Forum approach combines the two events and supports this connection between the “strategic” and the “operational”.




Attendees discuss their experience at the 2022 PCN Strategic Forum.

Attendees share their experience at the 2022 PCN Strategic Forum Pre-Forum Workshop.