Home to Hospital to Home Transitions Process Improvement Training

Informed by the Home to Hospital to Home (H2H2H) Transitions Guideline, this curriculum focuses on the primary care team’s role in improving how patients experience transitions in care within, and outside of, the Patient’s Medical Home. Learners will be guided through the H2H2H Transitions Change Package and will dive into the 6 High Impact Changes and 14 Potentially Better Practices primary care teams can implement to improve the care patients experience when transitioning from home to hospital to home. Throughout the curriculum you will hear from patients, primary care physicians, practice facilitators and other change agents working to improve transitions in care and be provided with different tools and reflection ideas that can be used to support primary care teams to make small, incremental process improvements.

Intended Audience

Practice Facilitators, Physician Champions and other staff (e.g., Panel Managers and Clinic Managers) supporting clinics teams as they take incremental steps toward sustainable process improvements.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this curriculum, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the impact that primary care can have on H2H2H transitions in care.
  2. Explain how process improvements that support better transitions in care support the implementation of the Patient’s Medical Home.
  3. Support a clinical team to implement the potentially better practices within the H2H2H Transitions Change Package.

Estimated Completion Time

Course time: 3.5 hours

Email learn@albertadoctors.org if you have questions.

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