CII/CPAR Training

ACTT offers CII/CPAR (Community Information Integration & Central Patient Attachment Registry) training for clinic teams working in primary care and non-family medicine specialist practices through the Alberta Medical Association's online learning platform, Learn@AMA

For non-family medicine teams, there is one curriculum:

  • This short curriculum is designed to help specialists in the community onboard to CII/CPAR, allowing them to send their Consult Reports to Netcare from their local EMR. 

For primary care teams, there are two curricula:

  • The first curriculum helps clinics complete the necessary paperwork that is part of the CII/CPAR onboarding process.
  • The second curriculum focuses on topics relevant to clinics when they go live on CII/CPAR.

These CII/CPAR learning options are valuable for those interested in understanding more about CII/CPAR, and they include important information about what to expect as you prepare and go live on CII/CPAR.

Training options

Non-Family Medicine

CII/CPAR for specialists non-family medicine

Primary Care

CII/CPAR onboarding for primary care   CII CPAR go-live and beyond for primary care