Healthquest: How to Send Encounters to Alberta Netcare

Participating in the Community Encounter Digest (CED) is optional for specialists.

Healthquest Data Mapping

Data that Maps to Alberta Netcare CED and the Healthcare Data Repository

In the CII project, there are two places that information will be pulled to within Alberta Health:

Alberta Netcare (CED) and Healthcare Data Repository- Information is securely shared with other providers can see this information as it is published in the CII Community Encounter Digest (CED) report and copied to the Healthcare Data Repository.

Healthcare Data Repository only- Information uploaded to the Health Care Data Repository is not visible or published. 

Microquest Offers Customized Data Mapping

How it works:

  1. Site submits Confirmation of Participation (CoP) form to eHealth Support Services
  2. Registration is initiated at eHealth:
      • Site submits PIA endorsement letter as part of participation package.
      • eHealth Support Services team requests Microquest Healthquest schedule a data mapping
        session with clinic .
      • Microquest contacts site and reviews Healthquest charting practices and conducts the data

Conditions that allow for encounter information to flow to the CED in Alberta Netcare

Healthquest determines if a chart item is valid to submit to CII if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The provider attached to the chart note is live on CII.
  • The patient has an appointment and valid demographics.
  • The patient is NOT marked as confidential, and the chart is NOT marked as Physicians Only.
  • The chart note is NOT marked as confidential.
  • The appointment is marked as Done.

Keeping Encounters Confidential

You can prevent health information entered into a mapped field from being sent to Alberta Netcare by making patient data private or confidential:

  1. Make an entire patient’s chart confidential by marking the client as confidential or marking the chart as physicians only (no information will be sent to Alberta Netcare).
  2. Make a chart note confidential (observation details in that encounter will not be sent to Alberta Netcare).

Note: Healthquest has several options for masking confidential patient information. Any information marked as confidential in Healthquestwill also be marked as confidential in Alberta Netcare and will not be included in the CED report.


If not all of your providers in the clinic are live on CII/CPAR, review Information Sharing in Partially Onboarded Clinics for additional information to learn what encounter information will be sent to Alberta Netcare.