TELUS CHR: How to Send Consults to Alberta Netcare

Once a physician is live and their account has been configured for CII/CPAR, follow these steps to send Consults to Netcare.

  1. Complete your consult report as you normally would (i.e. using an encounter and/or letter).
  2. Send the consult report via an outgoing referral. Click “Send Out” to pull up the PDF window. Note: at the time this guide was created, you must designate outgoing consult reports as “outgoing referrals”, even though most consult reports are responding to a referral from another provider.
  3. In the Referral Record window (a PDF preview of the consult), choose Email or Fax.
  4. In the Fax/Email referral record window, ensure the “Send to Netcare” checkbox is checked. Note that you will only see the option to “Send to Netcare” if you send this letter out via the Email or Fax send options. If you choose to print or download it, it will not be sent to Netcare.

5. (Optional) After clicking Send, your Consult Report will be queued to send to Netcare. CHR checks for new Netcare submissions every 5 minutes. You can check the status of the Netcare upload by accessing the Patient Outbox, via the Start/Open menu in the patient’s chart. Here you can see the status of each of the methods you sent the consult (Netcare, Fax, Email, etc.).

Click here to download a PDF “Quick Reference” Guide to sending consult reports to Netcare in CHR.

For detailed information, please refer to the CHR online help page on CII Consults.