Accuro: How to Send Consults to Alberta Netcare

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How to Send Consults to Alberta Netcare

Once a physician is enabled on CII, follow these steps to send consults to Alberta Netcare[1].

  1. Patient must have an appointment.
  2. Create a consult report as normal, including attachments as appropriate.
  3. Ensure ‘Consult Report’ is selected from the ‘Type’ drop-down menu.
    • If you do not want to send the consult report to Alberta Netcare, select an alternate option from the ‘Type’ drop-down menu.
  4. Click ‘Gen. Letter’.

5. Click ‘Send Letter’ or ‘Print’. The consult report (and any associated attachments) is sent to Alberta Netcare as a pdf consult report that evening as set up in configuration.

[1] For detailed information please refer to the user guide: Accuro CII/CPAR EMR Guide

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