Team Based Care


Teams in a high functioning Patient's Medical Home (PMH) exhibit higher levels of satisfaction, experience less burnout, and achieve a higher quality of care. When primary care teams invest in their own development, they are better equipped with the skills and abilities to meet patient care needs in a comprehensive and coordinated manner, which results in:

  • Highly effective and efficient teams
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Happier and healthier patients

In the PMH model, care is provided by the team members working in the clinic, as well as other interdisciplinary healthcare professionals (e.g., nurses, pharmacists, mental health consultants, kinesiologists, dietitians, etc.). The latter may be co-located in the clinic or deliver care for paneled patients in another location. Team based care in the PMH also shifts from a referral approach to a collaborative, shared approach in providing optimal patient-centred care.

"A high-performing team is essential to creating a more comprehensive, coordinated, and effective care delivery system centred on the patient's needs."
- The College of Family Physicians of Canada

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