Alberta Screening and Prevention Plus (ASaP+)

Building on the success of Alberta Screening and Prevention (ASaP) in Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across Alberta, ASaP+ has been designed to support Patient's Medical Home teams in enhancing ongoing quality improvement efforts in addressing modifiable risk factors.

Research indicates close to half of cancer cases are due to well-understood modifiable factors including active tobacco use, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, vegetable and fruit intake and excess body weight. In spite of these findings, the prevalence of modifiable factors for cancer prevention in the Alberta population remains high. Primary care continues to be an ideal setting for identifying patients at risk for cancer and chronic disease and who could benefit from interventions by engaging in conversations about modifiable factors.

​Practice Facilitator Key Messages

Primary Care Provider Key Messages

Guide to CME/ Mainpro credits

Did you know you can apply for CME credits by doing ASaP+ work?