Podcast - One Nail at a Time

Welcome to ‘One Nail at a Time: Insights for Building Your Patient’s Medical Home’, a series of podcasts interviewing physicians, leaders and others from across Alberta (and beyond!) about their journeys building Patient's Medical Homes. Just as a house is not built or renovated overnight, creating a Patient's Medical Home takes time and planning. ‘One Nail at a Time’ highlights stories, strategies and tips for making incremental changes toward PMH transformation.

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Latest Episodes

  • In this episode, we're joined by Melissa Waddell in her role as President of the Alberta Primary Care Nurses Association. She talks about the future of nursing in primary care as we move toward a greater focus on team-based care and sharing the load to manage the care deficit. Melissa provides some details on the current scopes of practice for Alberta nurses - particularly RNs and LPNs, and highlights areas where they can provide excellent support in busy family practices.