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Welcome to ‘One Nail at a Time: Insights for Building Your Patient’s Medical Home’, a series of podcasts interviewing physicians, leaders and others from across Alberta (and beyond!) about their journeys building Patient's Medical Homes. Just as a house is not built or renovated overnight, creating a Patient's Medical Home takes time and planning. ‘One Nail at a Time’ highlights stories, strategies and tips for making incremental changes toward PMH transformation.

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Latest Episodes

21-23 |  Streamlining Your Practice Parts 1- through 3 with Dr. Kelly MacGregor and Dr. Sarah Smith

  • In part 1 and 2 of a three-part series on streamlining family practice, we learn about the unique 'tech forward' approach that Dr. Kelly MacGregor and her colleagues have adopted at their clinic. While the overall approach may not suit every practice, there may be elements that family docs could consider testing in their own practices. 
    Listen as Dr. MacGregor describes how the strategies she uses have resulted in better standardization, increased efficiency and improved patient safety. In Part 2, she describes more about privacy concerns and financial requirements related to use of technology.
  • In the final episode on streamlining family practice, we talk to Dr. Sarah Smith about how she transformed her practice by taking control of the aspects that she could. 
    Listen as Dr. Smith describes how she realized that she needed to change the way she practiced, set a goal of getting home on time (and without extra work to do during evenings and weekends), and worked with her team to make her goal a reality. She shares how she gets 'today's work done today' and provides tips and strategies that others may find helpful in streamlining their own practices.

Resources mentioned by Dr. MacGregor that CMPA has approved for Canadian use and meet current privacy legislation requirements*:

BOOK:  Slow Medicine - Dr. Victoria Sweet MD PhD
*Not intended as product endorsement