Physician Champion Network


Why a Physician Champion Network?

As Alberta primary care advances, physician leadership is critical.  The Physician Champion Network provides a space for physicians to learn and develop leadership skills together, and share Patient's Medical Home experience and expertise in a supportive community environment. 

Network Structure

  • Virtual, interactive sessions with physician peers 
  • 60-minute sessions, approximately every 6 weeks 
  • Physicians can join all or some sessions based on interest 
  • Sessions are recorded and made available here for those who can't make it to the live session
  • Topics include a combination of: 
    • PMH advancement topic sessions led by physician peers 
    • Leadership development sessions based on the Canadian College of Health Leaders LEADS framework, led by a certified executive coach
  • Sessions Include breakouts to collaborate and network with local physician peers
  • This program has been certified for up to 9 Mainpro+®credits.

For more information please watch this video.


“I would encourage every family physician to participate in the Physician Champion Network. The presentations are top-notch, free of bias, and so helpful. The best part is interacting with primary care leaders from all over Alberta. Highly recommended. Two thumbs up!!!”

- Dr. Wayne Chang, Medical Home Physician Champion, South Calgary Primary Care Network


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Bonus Video: Scaling Up Primary Health Care Transformation in Alberta. 

Dr. Lee Green explains the importance of Physician Champions and Practice Facilitators in health care transformation. 


“By far the highest yield resource I’ve used for creating my teams is the ACTT Physician Champion Network resources.”

-Dr. Lana Fehr, Family Physician


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