PCN Governance

Today's dynamic health care system creates a complex set of roles and responsibilities for PCN Board and Joint Governance members. Board members must be skilled and knowledgeable in advanced governance matters in order to best contribute to and influence the performance of their boards. 

Building on the success of previous offerings, PCN Governance Training sessions have relaunched with two components: online, on-demand courses and interactive in-person or virtual session options this year. While the training is intended for board and committee members, PCN executive directors, and individuals who provide direct support to PCN boards and governance committees, other individuals may register for the online, on-demand portion of the curriculum only. 

Past participants have said that new board members, treasurers and about-to-be board members will find these courses to be of great value and a worthwhile investment of their time. 

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PCN Governance Training

PCN Governance Training is delivered through an Alberta Medical Association learning management system (Learn@AMA) that includes a combination of on-demand, online modules and an in-person virtual session.

PCN Governance Training - Essentials training is available to members of the Physician Not-For-Profit Board, Joint Governance Committee, PCN Non-Profit Boards, PCN Executive Directors, and any individuals who provide direct support to PCN Boards/Governance Committees. 

For more information please email learn@albertadoctors.org.