Engaged Leadership


Engaged leadership is one of the foundational implementation elements for building a Patient's Medical Home (PMH). As PMH transformation work requires changes in cultures, relationships and routines, engaged leaders are required to set the course as well as support and sustain efforts. Engaged leaders do this at the clinic, Primary Care Network, and system levels. Without engaged leaders, teams struggle to make and sustain the key changes that are required for transformation. Within the PMH model of practice, engaged leaders should be visible throughout the transformation process.

Behaviours exhibited by engaged leaders in the PMH model often include:

  • Providing direction and motivation to support a new way of working while reinforcing that the change is not time-limited
  • Identifying and allocating resources (e.g. time, money, staffing, and equipment) to do the work appropriately
  • Removing barriers and providing a supportive work environment for those who support the clinic's transformation
  • Fostering local champions to help propagate and reinforce the message