PMH Assessments


Both the PCN and practice team Patient's Medical Home assessment tools were adapted from the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative (SNMHI) to fit the Alberta context. The Safety Net Medical Home Initiative was a national Patient-Centred Medical Home (PCMH) demonstration to help 65 primary care safety net sites become high-performing medical homes and improve quality, efficiency and patient experience

​NOTE: the assessment has been designed to be administered with the support of a facilitator. Please speak with your PCN to learn more about local supports available to physicians and practice teams.

Practice Assessment Tool

The assessment is divided into 3 parts:

  • Readiness - to begin a practice leader should complete this assessment to help them gauge their practices “current readiness” in moving towards a Patient's Medical Home.
  • Phase 1 - focuses on the first 3 implementation elements for the Patient's Medical Home. With the support of a facilitator, practices will work as a team to determine next steps based on their consensus scores from this assessment.
  • Phase 2 - focuses on the 5 remaining implementation elements for the Patient's Medical Home. Similar to phase 1, teams will work with a facilitator to determine next steps based on their consensus scores.

Supporting Resources for the Practice Assessment

  • Introduction to the Patient's Medical Home Package - a set of resources intended to guide leaders in introducing the value of becoming a Patient's Medical Home to practice teams
  • Practice Facilitator Training - virtual sessions and ongoing support to develop quality improvement and facilitation knowledge and skills needed to guide practice teams through their improvement work (including guidance on facilitating the assessment with teams)
  • Patient's Medical Home Action Plan - a workbook for practice team members to assist them to identify and plan for improvements based on priorities identified when completing the Patient's Medical Home Assessment
  • Facilitation Guide - a practical how-to guide to support those individuals who are facilitating the Patient's Medical Home Assessment and action planning with practice teams

PMH Measurement Tool Version 1.0

The Patient's Medical Home (PMH) Measurement Tool Version 1 (V1.0) is a new tool to assess progress on PMH implementation in primary care clinics. Development of this tool began in 2019, testing of a prototype was completed in early 2020, and revisions were completed in late 2020. A literature review and environmental scan were conducted to inform the development of the tool. As such, please consider this version of the PMH Measurement Tool to be experimental, as it requires further validation.

Questions and/or feedback on any aspect of V1.0 are welcome and, in fact, are needed to move this draft forward. We have provided questions to help guide users on reviewing the tool and sharing feedback. If you are interested in using the PMH Measurement Tool V1.0, please contact Wanda Truong,, for support or to request more information.

PCN Assessment Tool

Use the Medical Home Assessment Tool below in your PCN to review programs and guide selection of future priorities: