Change Packages for Primary Care Clinics

“A change package makes a clinic improvement team's work easier - it's like a road map that guides you along routes that others have found successful.  It isn't meant to be prescriptive, but rather, to provide information from literature, clinical practice guidelines and expert recommendations that can be considered and adapted within the unique context of a clinic. A change package document consists of high-impact changes, potentially better practices (PBPs), and process measures that when implemented bring about quality improvement. Key tools and resources are often linked to support the potentially better practices.” (AMA Guiding Principles & Processes for Development)

How to Use Change Packages

"Change does not always lead to improvement. However, all improvement requires change." (IHI)

Change packages are developed for Change Agents, with a focus on Physician Champions and Practice Facilitators. Change Agents use change packages as a guide to support clinical teams with topic-specific improvement work. Each guide supports Change Agents with change ideas as it is based on evidence from literature, research and experiences of others.

The ultimate goal is to use the change ideas in the change package to drive improvement in your practice, Primary Care Network, and Zone. While there are many change ideas included in this change package. They serves as a menu of options from which teams can select from to improve. It is not recommended that any team attempt to implement all change ideas simultaneously, nor is it likely that all change ideas will be suitable for your practice setting.

Change packages support:

  • Physician and team behavior change
  • New clinical and operational processes
  • Improved relational, informational and management continuity

PMH Change Packages

Please see the Change Package Options document for an overview of which PMH implementation element each of the following change package most relates to.