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Clinic Operational Resources


The following resource materials and links are offered for information and reference purposes only. As every application will be unique, these resources should not be construed as a substitute for legal, accounting, or professional consulting advice.

More resources are being added and materials may change or be updated. Bookmark this page and check back often to see updates.

​Billing resources

Physician billing is the backbone of a clinic. If clinics are not recording patient information correctly and using the right codes, this can delay the payments of revenue. Here are some tools and reminders to make sure you get your billing right and get paid on time. 

  1. Alberta Medical Association Billing Resources

    The AMA offers billing support to members and their billing teams through direct representation and advocacy with Alberta Health, on-line resources and education offerings. The AMA can help you understand claims results and help when claims are paid incorrectly by Alberta Health, due to things like systems error or inconsistent understanding/misapplication of billing rules.

    1. An introduction to the AMA Billing Services
    2. Recordings of training and webinars are available in the members only section of the AMA website. Contact:
    3. AMA Physician Billing - Fee Navigator 
  1. Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan bulletin 
    These bulletins are created to provide health care professionals with clarification and guidance in understanding the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) and to keep them apprised of updates and changes to the Plan.

Clinic Management

  1. HR Resources
    Making sure the right people, processes and systems are in place to help staff perform at their highest abilities is always challenging. Here is an employee handbook you can use to update or tailor for your use. 

    1. Employee Handbook

  2. Charting 
    Documentation is one of those tasks that can take time to accomplish, but is critical to patient care and quality service delivery. Here is a link to the “The Charting Coach” with some helpful tips.