FAST (Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment) zone program launch dates announced

The launch of a central access and intake program for specialist referrals called Alberta FAST (Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment) will be commencing this summer for urology and orthopedics.

The current dates for zone FAST program launches are as follows:

Zone/Specialty Urology Orthopedics
North Not applicable (referral to other zones) August 15
Edmonton TBD October 31
Central August 15 August 15
Calgary TBD October 10
South August 15 October 19

Cataract referrals will commence August 15 in Central Zone only.

What is changing for physicians?
As of the dates announced above, referring providers will send all urology and orthopedic referrals into a new toll-free fax number; providers will continue to use current versions of their referral forms. Later in the fall, provincially standardized referral forms for the specialties will be integrated into the major community EMR systems.

About FAST
Alberta FAST is a central access and intake program for referrals to specialists. Beginning in summer 2022 through a phased approach, a FAST program will launch in each geographic zone. Fourteen specialties are in queue to join FAST this summer through 2024.

Learn more about Alberta FAST. This work is being supported through the Alberta Surgical Initiative.