Alberta FAST (Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment)

Alberta FAST is a central access and intake program for referrals to specialists. Beginning in summer 2022 through a phased approach, a FAST program will launch in each geographic zone. Thirteen specialties are in queue to join FAST through 2024.

Benefits of Alberta FAST include:

  • One centralized office in each zone to send referrals, with one fax number and one provincial toll-free number
  • Referring providers can select the first available provider, a specific provider and/or refer across zones
  • Timely, predictable and helpful communications from both the FAST program and the consulting provider’s office
  • Provincially standardized referral forms embedded into the major EMR systems starting this fall
  • Sharing of wait time data with providers and public as it becomes available through the FAST programs

The development of Alberta FAST is being supported through the Alberta Surgical Initiative.

For more information on FAST, please visit the AHS FAST web page

Quality Referral Evolution (QuRE)

Quality Referral Evolution (QuRE) (pronounced like ‘cure’) is a collaborative initiative between primary care doctors, specialists and patient advisors at AHS, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Primary Care Networks and the community to improve the quality of communications between patients and providers and enhance the standards of practice in the consultation/referral process. To learn more, please visit QuRE.