Referral & Consultation (ASI)

​Significant work is underway to improve the referral and consultation processes between primary and specialty care. There is no one activity that will improve referral and consultation on its own, so several programs and processes are being developed to be rolled out between 2022 and 2024. Much of this work is being supported through the Alberta Surgical Initiative.

The video below is a brief introduction to the referral and consultation improvements work.

Current areas of focus include:


Pathways are being co-identified and co-designed with primary and specialty providers that will give primary care providers the guidance and tools they need to manage their patients for as long as possible and as effectively as possible within the Patient’s Medical Home. Pathways will be accessible from a centralized repository.

​Specialty Advice

Specialty advice models already exist in parts of Alberta, including the Connect MD program in Edmonton and the Specialist Link program in Calgary. These models are being expanded and improved to ensure coverage for advice across the province and across more specialties.

​Alberta FAST (Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment)

Alberta FAST is a central access and intake program. Beginning in Summer 2022, a FAST office will be launched in each geographic zone. Thirteen specialties are in queue to join FAST through 2024. Learn more about FAST .

​Electronic Referral Solution

Let’s axe the fax! A closed-loop referral system is planned where community-based  providers will refer directly from their EMR. Patients, referring providers, and consulting providers will all have transparency into the referral journey. CII/CPAR is a community enabler.