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Practice Management Program
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Toward Optimized Practice

Change Package and Tools


All practice improvements require changes to be implemented.  The H2H2H change package is intended to help physicians and team members implement practice changes that improve care for patients who require care coordination during transitions. The change package tools were designed to work best in conjunction with quality improvement training to maximize their impact. 

Virtual training to support change package implementation will be available in 2021. 

The potentially better practices listed are derived from a review of the literature, clinical practice guidelines, and from expert recommendations. These recommended process changes are intended to improve the care of patients transitioning from hospital to home. However, the list of practice changes is not exhaustive and should be customized, tested, and evaluated in your own clinical setting before you will know whether they are truly "better".

H2H2H Process Improvement Change Package

The H2H2H process improvement change package was developed by the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT). Input was sought from patients who have lived experience in care transitions and providers with experience treating patients who require care coordination during transitions.

Change Package Tools