The AMA Accelerating Change Transformation Team is providing support to improve transitions of the care through the Home to Hospital to Home (H2H2H) Transitions initiative. A training section entitled Integration University has been launched and features several videos that provide an introduction to the importance of effective transitions and also offer more advanced details for learners looking for further information. Additionally, a change package of tools and resources is also being created. Bookmark this section of the website for further developments. 

The H2H2H provincial team is meeting with zone sub-committees to go through an assessment tool that will help determine gaps in current process and outline next steps. 

Early next month physicians and teams can learn more about a grant funded project supporting H2H2H to help provide better transitions in care for patients dealing with complex, chronic disease through the improved admission, discharge and follow-up to primary care. A DiseAse-Inclusive Pathway for Transitions in Care (ADAPT) orientation webinar will be held Apr. 6. Learn more and register to attend.