Health System Integration


The aim of Health System Integration is for Albertans to experience seamless, continuous, high-quality care as they transition through the Health Neighborhood.

Health Neighbourhood and Transitions in Care

The Health Neighbourhood encompasses the services provided by all healthcare sectors and community supports, with the Patient's Medical Home (PMH) at the centre. These services ensure Albertans receive the personalized care and supports that will help them better manage their health in their own community, right where they live, work and play.

Transitions in care refer to the movement of patients through the health neighbourhood as their health and care needs change.

Transitions are a critical point in patient care.  Patients who are part of a Patient's Medical Home (PMH) experience better continuity of care and have better health outcomes. When patient care needs cannot be met by the Patient's Medical Home (PMH) alone, they will need to transition through the health neighbourhood to receive care from other providers. It is critical that when transitions are occurring, the Health Neighbourhood works together to coordinate care and maintain continuity. 

How does ACTT support integration in the Health Neighbourhood?

Strategic Partners

ACTT supports the work of the Specialty Care Alliance (SCA) which is a forum for specialty care physicians in the province to advance common interests and shared goals, focusing on Health System Transformation. ACTT partners with the Primary Healthcare Integration Network (PHCIN) in harnessing expertise from system leaders to advocate for, advise and guide the development of content and processes that will lead to improved Health System Integration in Alberta.

Supporting Physicians and Teams

Supporting physicians and teams to be leaders in health care transformation.

Current Initiatives