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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

CII/CPAR Training for Practice Facilitators

Practice Facilitators that have not yet participated in CII/CPAR training are invited to new virtual training.

Session Full: Registration closed

Practice Facilitators are invited to participate in virtual training for CII/CPAR. A series of 4 sessions are offered in an interactive Zoom format. At the end of training participants will:

  • Recognize the value of CII/CPAR as an enabler for continuity of care and benefits for patients, providers, PCNs and the system
  • Articulate what CII/CPAR technologies are and how they work to enable continuity of care and able to engage potential participants
  • Use the participation requirements to determine if a clinic meets the readiness requirements
  • Describe the process for a clinic to implement CII/CPAR from the interest step through registration to post-implementation practice improvement
  • Be prepared to plan for engagement in the PCN and guide a clinic through adoption

This virtual training session is open to PCN practice facilitators or similar type resources. Participants will complete pre-learning and homework between sessions. A computer with sound is required, a web cam is desired by not required.

Participants are required to complete pre-learning before the first session and in-between sessions.


  • Session 1: Monday, June 15 – 2 – 3:30 PM
  • Session 2: Breakout EMR sessions:  Participants will be able to register for ONE of the below EMR specific sessions
    • Wednesday, June 17, 10 - 11 AM - Wolf
    • Thursday, June 18, 3 – 4 PM - Med Access
    • Monday, June 22, 9 – 10 AM, Healthquest
    • Monday, June 22,  1 – 2 PM - Accuro
    • Tuesday, June 23, 1 – 2 PM – PS Suite
  • Session 3 – Wednesday, June 24, 10 – 11:30 AM
  • Session 4 – Monday, June 29, 1 – 2:30 PM