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We are excited to announce that after an over two-year absence, the PCN Strategic Forum is back and in-person November 25-26, 2022, in Edmonton. The theme of this year's Forum is Purpose, Unity & Hope. Forum is a great opportunity to network with people you have not seen in a couple years, connect with new colleagues from across the province, and learn about innovative ideas.

The PCN Strategic Forum is geared towards those with a passion for advancing the Patient’s Medical Home. A person who acts individually or collectively to influence, instigate, promote, or enable a positive change for health care transformation. This could include board chairs, non-board physician champions, executive directors, practice facilitators, quality improvement leads, project managers, zone support team, and more.

People invited to register for forum receive a personalized registration link that will not work for others to use. If someone that was supposed to be invited hasn't received an invitation, they can email pcnforum@albertadoctors.org with their first name, last name, and email address.

The PCN Physician Leads Executive have offered their encouragement to colleagues across the province to attend the PCN Strategic Forum.

More information on forum can be found in these Frequently Asked Questions.