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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

2020 PCN Strategic Forum

​Scaling Up

February 7 and 8, 2020

Chair of Provincial PCN Committee Address
Leann Wagner
This session, delivered by the Assistant Deputy, Minister and Chair of the Provincial Primary Care Network Committee (PPCNC), highlighted the work of the PPCNC to date and reviewed key objectives of the Ministry of Health.

Today & Tomorrow
Dr. Heather La Borde, Dr. Justin Balko, Dr. Ted Braun, Dr. Brad Bahler
This session has been mainstay of the PCN Forum. Leaders spoke about the year past and upcoming areas of focus. AHS, PCN and AMA partners made the link to the Patient's Medical Home. 

Primary Care Beyond 2020: Opportunities for Patients, Providers and Funders
Dr. Louis Francescutti
We were pleased to welcome Alberta's own Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti to the PCN Strategic Forum 2020 to deliver the keynote address on the future of primary care in Alberta. Dr. Francescutti is not intimidated by political correctness, nor is he afraid to tell it like it is.  "People need to hear what the real issues are--no sugar coating.  We live in a world that is far too complex and unforgiving.  People need to learn that they are in control of their future and fortune--both in terms of health and happiness".

PCN Transformation Stories -- Scaling the PMH - Chinook PCN
Dr. Susan Byers, Dr. Janine Karpakis
Chinook Primary Care Network (PCN) has been able to successfully scale aspects of the Patient's Medical Home (PMH) to their member practices by maintaining an overall culture of quality improvement and evidence-based change. The PCN attributes much of their success to:

  1. Having engaged PCN leadership with a common vision and representation within each member practice
  2. Investing in process improvement
  3. Having an innovative, distributed model of team based care.

PCN Transformation Stories -- Scaling the PMH - Edmonton North PCN
Chantal Norris
How do you prioritize when everything is important? This session described how Edmonton North PCN started their PMH journey, and the tools and approach they developed to achieve scale and spread. Their methods included using the Diffusion of Innovations curve, the "layer cake" and, "meet them in the now" approach.  

PCN Transformation Stories -- Scaling the PMH - McLeod River PCN
Lacey Barendregt, Dr. Jane Ojedokun, Darren Caines, Dr. Sarah Smith
Teaming for success: How our PCN clinics are partnering on PMH. When we work together, we go further faster.  All member clinics in the McLeod River PCN are working closely together on their journey toward Patient's Medical Home. Dr. Jane Ojedokun, Darren Caines, Dr. Sarah Smith and Lacey Barendregt shared their secrets to success in scaling PMH adoption across a rural PCN challenged by its geographical spread.

PCN Transformation Stories -- Scaling the PMH - Red Deer PCN
Lorna Milkovich, Dr. Peter Bouch, Carol Maskowitz, Margo Schmitt Boshnick, Esther McNeely
The map to the Medical Home started in 2006 with the birth of RDPCN. Since that time the RDPCN has been working their way up the mountain. A unique route to proceed up the mountain was mapped out for RDPCN's medical home with the Practice Facilitator/Panel Manager roles combined into what we call a Support Nurse. This session disscussed how the PCN set anchors and avoided crevasses as they scaled the medical home from 4 doctors to 88% of physicians now participating.

PCN Transformation Stories -- Scaling the PMH - Calgary Zone
Keith Bradford,Peter Rymkiewicz , Dr. Christine Luelo, Kari Remington
A Zone-wide approach to the Patient's Medical Home: Why collaboration is the so integral to the goal of standardization. This session discussed how one zone is using the Governance structure, task groups, community of practice, and a zone PMH assessment to scale-up PMH as a zone.  

Synthesis: Putting it all Together
Dr Bill Hendriks & Sheena George, Dr Joseph Ojedokun & Sue Peters, 
Janet Craig & Sandee Foss, Dr Van Nguyen & Kari Remington 

Side by Side on the PMH Ride
Dr. Rick Ward, Michele Hannay, Dr. Joseph Ojedokun, Lacey Barendregt, Tony Mucciarone, Dr. Fred Rinaldi, Abbie Skrove, Brooke Elworthy, Dr. Caroline Spiers, Sandee Foss
We all know the important role that quality improvement has in any clinic's transition to a Patient's Medical Home. Without a formal systematic and structured approach to improving clinic processes, clinic teams often struggle to make progress. A practice facilitator is versed in QI science, and provides support and guidance to clinic teams in defining aims, gathering and reviewing measures and implementing change strategies using rapid cycle improvements. But there's another important ingredient in the QI journey to medical home transformation - relationships.

This session explored the important role that relationships have played in the successes that our panel (pairs of physicians and practice facilitators) have experienced.

Masters of Scale Open Space
Dr. Brad Bahler, Emily Johnston, Andrea Atkins, Jillian Bates, Bill Kreutzweiser, Jon Mudry
From Spotify to Netflix, and LinkedIN to Spanx, these industry giants have scaled their products and services across the globe attributing their success to organizational culture, trust, leadership and grit. This dynamic breakout called upon innovators, creatives, outside the box thinkers – and those who just wanted to get up and out of their seats. In this breakout, an Open Space Technology challenged participants to brainstorm answers to the question: "When scaling the Patient's Medical Home in Alberta, what insights can we learn from other industries?" 

Want to be inspired? Check out these podcasts:

PCN Short Stories of Success
Doug Craig, Brittany Faux, Eryn Petiot, Brooke Elworthy, Anna Foley, Amanda Durieux
This session discussed tips and tricks on a variety of initiatives that you can use in your scaling efforts. It featuring:

Report PCN - Candy Gregory, Martin Tailleur

Transitions of Care are Everyone's Business
Rob Skrypnek, Dr. Heather La Borde, Dr. Linda Slocombe, Karen Moffat
Panel discussion and interactive session hosted by Rob Skrypnek, Senior Provincial Director for the Primary Health Care Integration Network & Senior Program Officer, Primary Health Care (AHS)

Have you ever thought that we're falling short of patient and family expectations when they transition from home to hospital to home? Have you been plugging away at local improvement projects around transitions but feel like you're reinventing the wheel or it's impossible to get enough traction to see your good practices expand across Alberta? Do you want to see improved information while your patients are in hospital and at point of transition from hospital to the Patient's Medical Home?

The workshop reviewed promising practices and lived experiences from primary care leaders and patients who are focused on making transitions of care better across our province – including the positive impact a transitions-focus can have on front-line care for patients within the Patient Medical Home. The Primary Health Care Integration Network shared a preview of the Alberta Home to Hospital to Home Transitions Guideline and Measures plus the emerging strategy to support implementation across the system.

The session progressed into a facilitated discussion amongst workshop participants and focused in on the barriers to change in implementing the guideline. It concluded by considering what we as individuals and key stakeholders involved in Home to Hospital to Home transitions need to do to remove those barriers, support system integration and continuity of care, and make transitions safe, reliable and effective for our patients, their families and our providers and teams.