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Improve Patient Care: Send Your Consults to Netcare

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Webinar Purpose: 

Patients receive care from many different providers both in the community and in hospitals.  Having specialists' consult reports available on Alberta Netcare improves continuity of care for Albertans.  Through participation in Community Information Integration (CII) specialists can select consult reports to go directly from their EMR to Alberta Netcare.  

The purpose of this 30 min webinar is to provide specialty care physicians and their team members information on why they should sign-up for CII, how CII works with their EMR and how to get started.  The webinar will be interactive and co-lead with physician peers participating in CII. There will be time for Q&A.  

The intended audience for this webinar is community-based specialty care physicians and their team.

Webinar Objectives: 

  • Learn from physicians already submitting their consult reports to Alberta Netcare who will share their experience and benefits to their patients, their practice, and the healthcare system 

  • Identify that with minimal workflow changes, it is easy to select a consult report and submit it to Alberta Netcare directly from your EMR (Accuro, Healthquest, Med Access, PS Suite or Wolf) 

  • Learn how to get started and set-up to participate in Community Information Integration (CII) 

Speakers & Moderators:  

Dr. Neil Cooper, Pediatrician 

Dr. Scott Wilson, Neurologist, AMA Informatics Committee member 

Jillian Bates, Community Information Integration (CII) Lead, AMA/ACTT 

Barbra McCaffrey, CII/CPAR Project Lead, AMA/ACTT 

Webinar Contact: For further inquiries, please email