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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

2017 APCC


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Landmines and Goldmines: 10 things to consider when considering Population Based Funding

Shauna Wilkinson, B. Mgt; Rick Ward, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Crowfoot Village Family Practice


Breaking Bad… Barriers

Karin Frederiksen, LPN, CDE; Lorraine Telford, RN, BScN, MN, CCHN (C); Rob Sharman, RN, EMT-P, BHScN, MA; William Neis
Alberta Health Services


Improving Care Transitions through Quality Information: The QuRE Program

Jodi Glassford, BSc; Annabelle Wong, MPH, PMP
University of Calgary, University of Alberta, and Alberta Health Services

Integrating Family Practice Registered Nurses into Primary Care across Canada

Treena Klassen, RN, BN, A.S.M.H, M.Ed, DBA (in progress); Julia Lukewich RN, PhD         

School of Nursing, Memorial University & Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA)


Communities ChooseWell: A Health-Recreation Partnership that Empowers Local Action for Community Wellbeing

Lisa McLaughlin, BA; Corrie Carrobourg, CPT; Colette Curkan, RN
Alberta Recreation and Parks Association and Calgary Rural PCN


Putting Patients at the Centre of Health Care: The use of PROMs in Primary Care Networks

Fatima Al Sayah, PhD; Rick Leischner, CPA, CA; Scott Oddie, PhD; Ann Makin, BPE; Arto Ohinmaa, PhD
University of Alberta


Patients Second: Preparing Teams to Co-create Primary Care Experiences with Patients

Pieter de Vos, PhD; Jake Jennings, MA, MBA; Don McLeod, BA, BSW, MA
Alberta College of Family Physicians


Supporting Patients during Transitions in Care

Blaine Ironside, RN, BScN; Theresa Tang, BHSc; Carolyn Walker, RN, BN
Alberta Health Services, Cardiovascular Health & Stroke and Respiratory Health Strategic Clinical Networks

Bringing the Patient's Medical Home into the Home: A model for a home palliative care program in a rural community

Shayla MacDonald, LPN; Leah Jensen
Moose and Squirrel Medical Clinic


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to an App

Jean Miller, BScN, MA, PhD; Behnam Sharif, B.Sc Ind. Eng, MSc, PhD; Sylvia Teare, BScN, Med
University of Calgary


Virtual & Onsite Patient-developed Mental Health Recovery Groups

Magda Czegledi, MD, CPS; Sue Miller, ICD.C CPS
South Calgary PCN Mental Wellness Recovery Group


What Does Participation in Care Planning Mean for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions? Patient and Provider Perspectives

Sydney Haubrich, BSc; Jenny Kelly, MA
University of Calgary


The Patient "Quarterback": Collaborative Patient Care Involving Three Sectors

Penney Borghesan, MD; Marina Grant; Patricia Mooney, BSc Pharm; Joe Tabler, BSc Pharm, PharmD, BCPS
Department of Family Medicine, University of Calgary

Change in Mind: Opportunities for brain science to enhance primary care interventions

Tracy Mercier, MA; Francesco Mosaico, MD, CCFP; Amanda Storteboom, MBA                       
Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS); CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health and Boyle McCauley Health Centre


Continuity of Care Challenge!

Barbra McCaffrey, BSc.; Michele Hannay, BSc.
Alberta Medical Association


Developing a 'Care Planning Pathway' for Primary Care

Anila Hussaini, BSN, MPH; Dale Wright, BSP, MSc, MDE
Health Quality Council of Alberta


Back 2 Health (B2H) a PCN low back pain education series

Jillian Corfe, MA, R.Psych; Sarah-Joy Haggstrom, BHSc (Hons); Katie Krenz, MSc, CSEP-CEP
South Calgary Primary Care Network

Elder Care Assessment Clinic:  Building Bridges to Improve Care

Jim McIntyre, MD; Lorna Milkovich, RN, BN, MBA
Red Deer Primary Care Network


Treating adults who have faced adversity in childhood: A new path in primary care

Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, RMFT; Penny Borghesan, BSc, RT, MD, CCFP; Evelyn Hickey, EdD
embrACE Research Program

Poster Presentations

In addition to great keynotes and thoughtful, innovative concurrent sessions, our poster hall was busy! Check out these great posters. 

For full details on all submitted abstracts, review the APCC Abstract Booklet.

Building blocks for a cross sectoral case collaboration for school aged youth affected by Addiction and Mental Health challenges: A Primary Care based community program.
Patient Perspectives of a Long and Shorter Community Mental Health Program
ENCOMPASS: Pilot Study of a Community Health Worker Program to Improve Access to Care for Patients with Multimorbidity
Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Education for Physicians: Current State and Future Directions
Review of Facilitating and Constraining Influences on Family Caregiving in Long-Term Care
Communication at the Central Teaching clinic: A patient's perspective
8 Improving Patients' Mental Health through the Behavioural Health Consultant Model
9 Missed Opportunities: How we DIDN'T Include Patients in our Patient Experience Surveys
10 The 5 A's of Health Home Optimization
11 Team-Based Care for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Within Primary Care Settings: Family Physicians’ Perspectives
12 Modifying Primary Care Patient Experience Survey Measures based on Cognitive Testing
13 Patient and Family Centered Team Collaboration Pilot
14 Evaluating Patient Engagement in Health Research: A Collective Approach
15 Step, Together, Step: Lessons on Walking the Talk on Teamwork
16 A collaborative care model for chronic disease management in diabetes – involvement of community pharmacists in complex care plans, a pilot study
17 Optimization of Hospital-Primary Care Continuity for an Inner City Patient Population:  Quality Improvement Project
18 A Tapestry in the Making: A Pilot Project Weaving the Health Tapestry Program into Other Patient-Centered Programs
19 Central Patient Attachment Registry
20 Camrose Primary Care Network Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Screening and Treatment Algorithm
21 Psychology's Essential -- and cost effective -- Role in Integrated Care
22 INR Monitoring Workflow: Review To Improve
23 Linking Calgary and Area Physicians to Enhance Continuity in Patient Care
24 Health Home Community: An Infrastructure for Integration
25 Path to Care: Alberta Health Services
26 Transition Care and Support for Autistic Adults (UPDATED)
27 Calgary Zone Coordinated Attachment
28 Title: The Patient Voice – Implementation of a Patient Satisfaction Survey in an Academic Family Practice Setting
29 Engaging Stakeholders to Improve Care: Barriers and Facilitators in Primary Care Delivery for Sleep Disordered Breathing
30 Improved integration of weight management services:  the development of a primary-care based weight management assessment tool and pathway
31 Don’t Accept Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder:  Myths of BPD Exposed
32 Standardized Mental Health History Taking and Screening at Riley Park Maternity Clinic : A QI Project
33 Needs assessment and oral health status in facility dwelling seniors
34 Provincial Conservative Kidney Management Pathway: Living Well Without Dialysis
35 Complex Patients - Helping You to Help Them to Help Themselves
36 Taking the First Stepps: Modifying TeamSTEPPS to Suit a Calgary Primary Care Setting
37 Improving SCPCN WELLNESS Performance by Decreasing No-Show and Cancellation less than 24 Hours Rate-Mental Health and Health Management Programs
38 Engaging patients in their care – what are your tips and tricks?
39 Improving Patient-Resident Continuity at Sunridge Family Medicine Teaching Centre
Optimizing preventative health care for young adults
A community-based outpatient heart failure clinic reduced heart failure related hospitalizations
Demographic and clinical data of the patients visiting the CHARM clinic in Calgary, Alberta
43 Going Beyond the Whites of the Eyes Approach: Expanding the Alberta Screening and  Prevention Program through Outreach
44 Alberta Peer-to-Peer EMR Network Program - Moving theeedle
45 Path to Care: Alberta Referral Directory
46 Building sustainable, cost-effective panel and continuity services for health homes in Calgary Foothills PCN
47 Primary Healthcare Panel Reports: Bringing the Stakeholders Together for the Betterment of the Healthcare System
48 Measuring Return on Investment in the Health Quality Council of Alberta’s Provincial Primary Healthcare Patient Panel Report Initiative Family Physician Reports
49 Health In-Season; Community Garden Workshop Series
FOCUS on Primary Healthcare: Developing a patient focused primary healthcare reporting tool
Successful Knowledge Transfer for PCN Group Programs
The HQCA's Primary Care Patient Experience Survey
53 Social Support and Peer Counseling Perceived as Useful in Promoting Behavior Change among Women with a Previous Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Pregnancy
Data Sharing Standards In Primary Health Care
55 Alberta Screening and Prevention Plus (ASaP+): Engaging Primary Care Patients in Addressing Lifestyle Factors
Implementing an evaluation framework and appropriate measurement at Sherwood Park PCN: sharing our experience and lessons learned
57 PleXus: The New Frontier in Medical Home Innovation
Undertaking Medical Home Assessments in SASPCN Member Clinics, and Actioning Results
Using Facilitated Audit and Feedback to Support Choosing Wisely Initiatives in PCN’s