Privacy Information

Did you know...

  • AMA offers free privacy training tailored to physicians, privacy officers and clinic staff on Learn@AMA. Sign up your clinic today!

​Does your PIA reflect your current clinic environment?

  • Find your PIA and review it to ensure it reflects your current environment
    • It is a prerequisite for the participation in CII/CPAR that the clinic PIA reflects the current clinic environment
  • If the clinic PIA is not up to date, or you are not sure, there is an privacy impact assessment tool to assist you
  • See the privacy consultant list on the AMA website if you want to hire a professional
  • See the privacy impact assessment website to learn what sections must be included in a PIA if you want to try and write it yourself

How do I find my clinic EMR or Netcare PIA number?

See this AMA Resource

​How are clinic privacy processes impacted by CII?

  • CII falls under the Alberta Netcare umbrella which is covered by the Health Information Act
  • Alberta Health has filed a Privacy Impact Assessment for the CII project and the clinic custodian will be asked to sign an endorsement letter during onboarding with the eHealth team

​Do I need to tell patients their information will be shared to Netcare?

​What if I'm already live on CII/CPAR and I'm switching, or considering switching my EMR?

There are important PIA considerations for live clinics when they switch EMRs. Please read this FAQ for more information.