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Step 1: Learn about CII and the readiness requirements
  1. Learn about CII and how to sign up [November 2021]
  2. CII Readiness Requirements:
    • Your Clinic is Live on Netcare*
      • To request Netcare access, please contact your Netcare Access Administrator or the eHealth Netcare Support Team for support at: 1-855-643-8649 or
      • Additional information can also be found on the Alberta Netcare Registration Webpage

*If you answer "no" to one or both of these requirements, you may still proceed to Step 3 below. The eHealth Support Services (eHSS) will help you with these requirements once you have submitted your completed Confirmation of Participation (CoP) form.

Step 2: Learn how CII works with your EMR
Step 3: Complete and Submit the CII Confirmation of Participation form
  1. Complete the Confirmation of Participation (CoP) form for specialists.
    - Need help filling out the form? Email
  2. Review the CII Site Liaison Role and Responsibilities

 **Pediatric and mixed Primary Care/Specialist clinics should instead use the form and instructions under the “Forms and Agreement for Primary Care, Pediatric, and Mixed Primary Care/Specialist Clinics" section of the website.

Step 4: CII Onboarding and Go-Live with the AH eHealth support services team

After you have submitted your CII Confirmation of Participation (CoP) form, the AH eHeath Support Services (eHSS) team will support the CII onboarding and go-live process.

The eHealth team will:

  • Confirm receipt of the CII CoP
  • Review the site's PORA and EMR PIA status (they will ask questions about your PIA to ensure it is up to date and provide guidance if amendments are required)
  • Send the CII Participation Package to the site liaison (the package includes the CII PIA endorsement letter that needs to be signed by the primary custodian)
  • Provide the clinic with the one-time EMR set-up instructions for CII and work with the clinic on an agreed upon go-live date

Perform any necessary testing of consult flow to Netcare to ensure the clinic is live on CII