Pediatrician Participation Options

Community Information Integration (CII) allows pediatricians to send encounter information and select consult letters directly from their community-based EMR to the Alberta Netcare Portal.

Pediatricians who act as a primary providers for some of their patients (i.e., have a panel) can also be signed up to upload a list of those patients to the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) - a provincial system that captures the confirmed relationship of a primary provider with their paneled patients. This allows the primary care provider to receive notifications directly in their EMR when one of their CPAR patients is discharged from ER, admitted or discharged from hospital, or has a day surgery. Patient-provider care relationships registered in CPAR will also display in Alberta Netcare starting in June 2021.

1-Page Info Sheet for Pediatricians For more information about the CII/CPAR participation options available to pediatricians please see the CII/CPAR Participation Options for Pediatricians (see page 2 if you are unsure whether or not you have a panel).

To learn more about CII/CPAR, please select the option below that best describes your practice:

Option 1: I quarterback the care for some or all of my patients and act as their longitudinal care provider

Step 1: Verify that you are panel-ready to participate in CII/CPAR:

Step 2: Find out more about CII/CPAR:

Option 2: I exclusively act as a consultant and only wish to share my consult reports

Go to CII for Specialists webpage.