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Optional documents to guide you through the CII/CPAR implementation steps below:

Step 1: Learn How CII/CPAR Works
Step 2: Readiness Requirements

Start by watching the following 5 min video: Participation Requirements [January 2021]

Then, ensure that you meet the following requirements for CII/CPAR participation:

A. You are Panel Ready

B. Your Clinic is Live on Netcare*

C. Your Clinic Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is Up-To-Date*

D. You are using a CII-conformed EMR:

  • Microquest Healthquest
  • QHR Accuro
  • TELUS Med Access, PS Suite, or Wolf

*If you answer "no" to one or both of these requirements, you may still proceed to Step 3 below. The eHealth Support Services (eHSS) will help you with these requirements once you have submitted your completed Confirmation of Participation (CoP) form.

Step 3: Complete the Confirmation of Participation (CoP) & CPAR Panel Forms

A. Complete the appropriate Confirmation of Participation (CoP) form below and email the completed form to

B. Complete the CPAR Panel Forms

What Happens Next?

Step 4: The eHealth Support Services (eHSS) Team Manages EMR Set-Up and Testing

After you have submitted your CoP, eHeath Support Services will contact you about your privacy risk assessment (PIA) and next steps to start the implementation process.

Step 5: Go-Live Day!

The day after your go-live day, you can upload panels to CPAR, view encounter information on Alberta Netcare, submit consult reports to Alberta Netcare, and start receiving eNotifications.