CII/CPAR for Primary Care


  • Enables sharing of important healthcare information between the patient’s family physician and other providers in the patient’s circle of care
  • Facilitates sharing of consultation reports back to the patient’s family physician and other providers
  • Identifies relationships between patients and their primary provider
  • Allows for family physicians to identify and coordinate when patients are on multiple panels and, therefore, enables validated patient-family physicians information to be available on Alberta Netcare Portal
  • Supports notification of primary providers when their patient has a hospitalization or ER discharge


When patients have a longitudinal relationship with a single family physician, this results in better access, better quality of care, and reduced overall health care system utilization and costs.
When providers have knowledge of patients comprehensive medical information it results in better handoffs, better communication, and less duplication of care.


For more information about CII/CPAR please email For primary care clinics that are interested in participating in CII/CPAR, please contact your Primary Care Network.