CII/CPAR Acceleration Grant

What is the CII/CPAR Acceleration Grant?

Increasing the adoption of CII/CPAR is a primary focus of the Alberta Medical Association and Alberta Health. To support this work, a $12 million grant was included in the 2022 physician agreement. 

The CII/CPAR Acceleration initiative provides compensation to physicians for their time and the administrative requirements to enrol and participate in CII/CPAR. 

The grant is entirely funded by Alberta Health. The $12 million is available on a first-come, first-served basis until the funding limit is reached. 

Who is eligible for the CII/CPAR Acceleration Grant funds?

New and existing physicians who are live on CII/CPAR are eligible for CII/CPAR Acceleration grant funds if they meet all of the following criteria: 

  1. Family physicians, general practitioners or non-family medicine specialists
  2. If they have a practice: 
    • In the community with a conformed EMR (including a Primary Care Network clinic) OR 
    • In an AHS-operated primary care clinic (E.g., Family Care Clinics, Family Medicine Clinics) 
  3. Must be on a fully conformed EMR vendor system. 
    • Accuro
    • Ava (upon certification)
    • CHR
    • Healthquest 
    • Med Access 
    • PS Suite 
    • Wolf
    • Connect Care (only for AHS-operated primary care clinics) 

Payment Details

Alberta Health will track which physicians are eligible for payment and AMA will be responsible for distributing the payments.

Additional information about how physicians will receive their payments will be provided in the coming weeks. Like other agreements payments, these will be managed through the member dashboard.

Physicians who work in multiple clinics that are using CII/CPAR will only be eligible to receive a single enrollment and submission payment. 

For the data submission payment, physicians will receive a panel and encounter OR an encounter only OR consult report payment, but not a combination of payments. Physicians will just receive the highest value payment. 

To qualify for the panel submission payment, panels must have a panel administrator and a minimum panel size greater than 50 patients for pediatricians and 200 patients for general practitioners or family physicians.

Physicians must submit at least 30 consult reports over a three-month period to receive the consult report payment.

The program will not compensate nurse practitioners or allied health providers who use CII/CPAR, or physicians who are using an AHS IT system as their primary EMR except where the physician is practicing in an AHS-operated primary care clinic. 

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For more information about the CII/CPAR Acceleration Grant, view the recording of the CII/CPAR Connect Special Edition meeting, which was held by AMA on April 27, 2023, to provide information about the grant. 

CII/CPAR Connect meetings are held regularly for anyone needing support with CII/CPAR. The meetings are hosted by AMA ACTT and aims to support those implementing CII/CPAR by creating a forum to connect and ask questions. Interested? Join one or all of them. Register here.