Competency Model

A competency model is a framework for defining the skill and knowledge requirements of a job. It is a collection of competencies that jointly define successful job performance.  The Change Agent Competency Model has been created to define the knowledge, skills, and abilities for all Alberta Change Agents advancing the Patient's Medical Home and Health Neighbourhood.

The Change Agent Competency Model is made up of four domains which overlap.  The domains include:

  • Context of Primary Care
  • Patient's Medical Home integrated with the Health Neighbourhood
  • Quality Improvement
  • Modes of Influence  

The model is intended to be applied across groups of change agents to define competencies required to advance the implementation of the Patient's Medical Home and Health Neighbourhood transformation in Alberta.  It should be emphasized that the change agent competencies are not intended to replace the competencies needed to fulfill the hired role of an individual but rather as a supplement, further enabling them an agent of change.

You can read more about the Change Agent Competency Model