Change Agents

Who are Change Agents?

Through all levels of the Alberta health care system we see change agents at work.  They are found at the highest levels of government supporting change through policy and funding decisions, to health system administrators, health care providers, all the way to the level of the patient actively involved in advocacy, or the patient simply providing feedback to their clinics.

In this Blueprint we define a Change Agent as a person who acts individually or collectively to influence, instigate, promote, or enable a positive change for health care transformation.

Not all who work in the system are change agents by default.  Individuals choose to be a change agent.  Change Agents build special skills, connect across professional boundaries, and are purposeful about scaling change.

The ACTT View of Change Agents

The Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT) interacts with and/or supports change agents throughout the system.  The diagram below depicts the ACTT view of change agents operating at different levels of the system and their relation to change at the level of the Patient’s Medical Home in the Health Neighbourhood.  A detailed description of each category of change agent depicted below can be found in the document, Alberta’s Change Agents: The ACTT View.