Identify and Recruit

The identification and recruitment of Clinic Level Physician Champions is predominantly the scope of the PCN or clinic.  The AMA supports these groups with identification and recruitment through evidence support.

Physician Champion & Leader Definitions - coming soon

The literature defines differences in the roles of physician champions and physician leaders.  They are both widely used in our Alberta context.  This document aims to highlight the distinction, as well as the overlap, that exists in the literature and provides working definitions.  

Physician Champion Literature Review

A summary of the evidence describing what a physician champion is; what role they play in the system; what skills and competencies are required of a successful physician champion; and what impact physician champions have on the system.

Physician Champion Research Paper – full report – three-page summary

The goal of this pilot study was to build an understanding of primary care Physician Champions in Alberta. Specifically, internal members of AMA-ACTT, and select senior Physician Champions were asked - what makes an effective primary care Physician Champions?