This training program is intended for prospective or existing panel managers (also known as panel assistants, panel coordinators, patient care coordinators, and proactive office encounter assistants, to name a few) seeking to achieve a basic set of skills in panel management practices. Practice Facilitators are also encouraged to take the training if they would like a deeper dive into this foundation of implementing the Patient’s Medical Home.

The training provides participants with practical skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • Patient’s Medical Home
  • Panel Identification
  • Panel Maintenance
  • Panel Management
  • Scripting
  • Run Charts
  • Panel-related initiatives in Alberta

The content delivered aligns with evidence and adult learning principles; the in-person training hours are a mix of activities and didactic delivery. The training is one day (7.5 hours) in length.

All participants are invited to join the EMR Network – Alberta where they can connect with other EMR users from across the province.

To register for an upcoming Panel-in-Action Training sessions please visit the Events and Training page on this site.

For questions about Panel-in-Action Training email: