Please see below CII/CPAR stories from physicians across the province.

 North Zone

  • Family Physician Experiences
    • Grande Prairie PCN's Dr. Olubukola Maxwell has been leading the CII/CPAR movement in her clinic - News Article [November 2019]
    • CII/CPAR eNotifications allow North Zone Physician Champion Dr. Joseph Ojedokun to offer his patients more continuous and timely care - One Nail at a Time Podcast Episode #16 [May 2020]

 Edmonton Zone

  • Overview of CII/CPAR in the Edmonton Zone - 14.5 min video & PDF Slides [June 2020]
  • Family Physician Experiences
    • Edmonton Zone Physician Champion Dr. Janet Craig shares her experience implementing CII/CPAR and how eNotifications have enabled her to better coordinate care for her patients - 9.5 min video [June 2020] & News Article
    • Edmonton North PCN's Dr. Chris Le shares his CII/CPAR experience:
      • Watch Dr. Le's full CII/CPAR implementation experience - 12 min video [June 2020]
      • eNotifications and CII enable Dr. Le to be involved in his patients' care as they move through the healthcare system - One Nail at a Time Podcast Episode #16 (starts 12mins into the episode) [May 2020]
    • Edmonton Southside PCN's Dr. Ghalib Ahmed shares how CII/CPAR has improved communication and information flow between providers - 19 min video [June 2020]

 Central Zone

  • Specialist Experiences

 Calgary Zone

  • Family Physician Experiences
    • Dr. Heidi Fell shares what CII/CPAR is and how it works - One Nail at a Time Podcast Episode #15 (27 mins) [April 2020]
    • Dr. Lisa Stevenson shares how eNotifications help her provide better follow-up care for her patients - News Article [June 2020]

 South Zone