COVID-19 has been dominating the headlines and the work of many healthcare providers this spring, but in some cases it has provided opportunity for them to make improvements through newly available technology. Physicians are talking about the value of eNotifications through their participation in the Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry initiative. It continues to offer an opportunity to physicians at this time and some clinics may find that they have capacity to participate. There are currently more than 70 clinics and 250 physicians enrolled in CII/CPAR and Albertans are benefiting from improved continuity of care.

Dr. Heidi Fell, a family physician at Symons Valley Firstcare in Calgary, is one of a number of physicians participating in CII/CPAR and using the TELUS Health Wolf EMR that recently went live with eNotifications. She now sees in her EMR when one of her CPAR paneled patients has had a hospital admission, discharge, and emergency department visit or day surgery anywhere in Alberta. Early into the service being enabled she had a noticeable case:

“I have a young adult woman in my practice for whom I received three notification of ER visits within one week for IV hydration needed for cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. Because of these notifications, I was able to connect with her to start working on the underlying anxiety from COVID 19 which had caused her to start smoking marijuana again. After a couple of virtual visits, she is now doing much better and has been connected to resources to help with her anxiety, hopefully preventing any further ER visits. She had not intended to contact me, but was very grateful that I had reached out.”

Physicians using Healthquest and participating in CII/CPAR have also seen benefits:

“If I didn't get these notifications, I'd be assembling them based on discharge summaries and ER records. Having the new notifications can at least give me a better heads up.” – Dr. Christopher Le, Ideal Medical Center, Edmonton

CII/CPAR participating physicians using Med Access went live with eNotifications May 4. Clinics using PS Suite will follow this spring. eNotifications are delivered twice daily, seven days a week and cover the entire province. When Life Medical Clinic in Whitecourt was enabled, they received notification on a patient with an ED visit in Lethbridge on the first day. 

“This is the best thing to happen to us for continuity of care.” – Dr. Joseph Ojedokun, Life Medical Clinic, Whitecourt

Primary care providers can get more information on CII/CPAR here and should tell their PCN that they are interested in participating.

Learn about the latest participation numbers including providers, patient encounters, consult reports and more in the monthly statistics report.