Supporting Patients Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

ASaP+ Launch

ASaP+ builds on screening and prevention improvements achieved in ASaP with a focus on offering patients support to address modifiable risk factors. ASaP+ is currently recruiting for a limited number of Improvement Facilitator/practice teams interested in testing a practical approach to managing modifiable risk factors.

What is ASaP+

What is ASAP+ and What is the Opportunity?

ASaP+ builds on ASaP’s screening and prevention maneuvers by introducing evidence-informed flexible careplans to address modifiable risk factors in primary care for all patients. We understand that most physicians already try to incorporate risk factor discussions into their work with patients. With ASaP+, primary care teams will have tools and strategies to address, document and follow-up on specific risk factors and help patients make positive changes in improving their health.

Download the key messages document.