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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice


IF Training - Module 1: Terminology (Duration 11:47)

IF Training - Module 2: Engagement Video (Duration: 15:30)

IF Training - Module 3: PMH Video (Duration: 6:35)

Meet Cody (Duration: 1:41)

A Turning Point (Duration: 3:32)

What Matters to You (Duration: 2:17)

Working Together (Duration: 2:33)

The Benefits of Engaging a Patient Advisor - Riverside Medical Clinic (Duration: 5:50)

Overview of Opioid Measures (Duration: 7:16)

How to Use the Opioid QI Measures Tracking Tool (Duration: 10:00)

Value of Measuring Offers of Care (Duration: 6:00)

Demonstration Project Process (Duration: 7:30)

Improvement Facilitator Network Opioid Webinar (Duration: 44:52)

IF Network Webinar Slides

End Stigma Campaign (Duration: 0:30)


Dr. Eley – Health Team Integration in Opioid Management Project (Duration:3:33)

Choices? - Petra's Story (Duration: 3:30)

#SeeTheLives: Phil’s Letter (Duration: 1:18)

#SeeTheLives: Kym’s Letter (Duration: 1:27)


#SeeTheLives: Petra’s Letter (Duration: 1:32)

#SeeTheLives: Donna’s Letter (Duration: 1:32)