Participants will build on their Essentials and Advanced Certificate series skills to take their board role to the next level. Expert Series: Finance is the first offering in this training series. 

The Finance module is designed for any board member, but in particular those individuals who have a finance role within their PCN board, are members of an audit sub-committee or are interested in becoming a treasurer.

Some of the learning outcomes for this session include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying key areas of financial risk and mitigation strategies including financial policies
  • Analyzing and assessing key elements of financial statements and how they interrelate
  • Examining the role of the external auditor and the audit process

Training Dates

PCN Governance Training is moving to a new format and will be delivered through an Alberta Medical Association learning management system that will include online modules and an in-person virtual session. Watch this page for links to training. Coming soon.