Today more than 1,000 physicians are participating in Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) and the program continues to break more ground. As a key step in system improvement, a more integrated healthcare system is making additional information available to providers where and when they need it. 

“I think that good communication has always been the backbone of patient care. When you have an information technology system that is very fragmented and pieces do not communicate with one another, then patients fall through the cracks and important clinical decisions are not appreciated by others. This leads to poor patient care and poor outcomes.” - Dr. Bertus Eksteen, Gastroenterologist, Calgary 

With CII/CPAR, important information, sometimes lifesaving, that has been stored in a community physician EMR is now being shared with Alberta Netcare through physician, nurse practitioner and team participation in the program. 

An important milestone 
More than half a million Albertans have a Community Encounter Digest in their Netcare record, making a snapshot of their visit information available when others in their circle of care need it. In addition, participants have shared close to 200,000 consultation reports from their community EMRs to Alberta Netcare. 

Another way to participate is through the Central Patient Attachment Registry, where, with over 700 physicians or NPs live, the system can identify the primary provider of over 650,000 Albertans. An exciting enhancement is scheduled for next month where the CPAR primary provider will display in their patient demographics in Netcare as well. 

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