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​Articles, information and postings on the latest updates to the Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) initiative.

Note of acknowledgement: We are aware that these are extraordinary times and we understand COVID-19 is the priority for physicians and PCNs right now. CII/CPAR continues to offer an opportunity for enhanced continuity and remains available to physicians as their situation evolves.


If so, you can sign up for CII/CPAR. There are already 189 physicians in 40 clinics using Wolf that are fully live and another 108 physicians in 23 clinics in progress to implement CII/CPAR and connect their clinic EMR to the rest of the health system. 

April 2021
If so, Microquest Healthquest EMR has a straightforward implementation of CII/CPAR. “Healthquest users will experience a fast and easy implementation”, according to Michael McDermott, Project Director, Community Information Integration at Alberta Health.

March 2021
The number of community physicians sharing select information from their community EMR with Alberta Netcare grows weekly. 

February 2021
For Edmonton family physician Dr. Janet Craig, eNotifications from Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) have proven to have potentially life-saving impacts.

January 2021
Growing participation in Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) is making a difference to continuity of care for Albertans.

December 2020
A young woman is admitted to hospital suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. She is quickly operated on but following surgery hospital staff are puzzled when the woman’s blood pressure remains very high. 
Read more to find out how a CED helped hospital staff find the answers they needed.

November 2020
The Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry program is connecting community providers with the rest of the health system through Alberta Netcare and it has exceeded some exciting milestones. 

November 2020
For one family doctor, signing on for the Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry initiative (CII/CPAR) offered too many advantages to ignore. Learn about his experience.

November 2020
A letter to PCNs from the Interim Chair of the Continuity Supports Rollout Steering Committee

October 2020
An eNotification delivered through the CII/CPAR initiative can lead to better care coordination and an improved patient outcome. 

September 2020
How a family physician who provides maternity care, through participation in CII/CPAR was able to quickly get two patients the care they needed. 

August 2020
Technology for continuity and integration continues to advance in Alberta.

June 2020
How eNotifications are making major differences in patient care

June 2020
Report supports emergency care for cardiac patient.

Continuity Success Stories
May 2020
Podcast highlights from a specialist and primary care physicians using CII/CPAR.

Care Continuity
April 2020
Physicians on the TELUS Wolf EMR are using eNotifications information.

Using eNotifications
April 2020
Physicians on the TELUS Wolf EMR are using eNotifications information.

CII/CPAR Strongly Featured
February 2020
CII/CPAR strongly featured as PCN Strategic Forum attendees build PMH momentum.