Many Albertans are reporting that the pandemic is impacting their mental health. For Albertans whose family physician is participating in Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) basic event information about patient emergency department visits or hospitalizations is shared with their family physician, and the family physician is contributing information that acute care can see in Alberta Netcare. 

Dr. Heidi Fell shared a story early during COVID-19 where she was alerted through her CII/CPAR notices in her clinic electronic medical record of a patient with repeated ED visits with cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. While the patient was treated in emergency, it wasn’t until Dr. Fell followed up with the patient and offered care for the root cause, anxiety, that the patient’s condition improved.

“The exciting part of CII/CPAR for me is getting the eNotifications in my EMR when a patient has been to emergency, urgent care or hospital. That gives me a whole new opportunity to know things about my patients instead of them coming into the clinic and sitting in front of me saying, ‘You know, I was in hospital, didn’t you know about that?’ I would respond, ‘No, I did not know about that, what can you tell me?’, and it used to drive me insane. Now, I actually find out before they come to see me and I can intervene ahead of time, if I need to.”

Dr. Chris Le, a family physician in Edmonton, had a similar experience in his practice where CII/CPAR allowed him to provide continuity of care through his contributions to the patient’s record in Alberta Netcare. As the patient was receiving care through other facilities, he was kept in the loop and eventually another provider reached out to him about the patient’s medications and rationale to provide additional context and support stabilizing the patient.

Listen to Dr. Heidi Fell and Dr. Le in episodes 15 and 16 of the podcast, One Nail at a Time: Insights for Building Your Patient’s Medical Home.

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To learn more about how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care systems work together, see this Frequently Asked Questions document.