Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) are transforming the way healthcare information is shared in Alberta. Community Encounter Digests (CED), share select information from the physician office to Alberta Netcare by providing a 12-month rolling snapshot of care that the patient has received in the community. 

Any community provider can contribute and CED’s are being used every day to inform care in Emergency, Urgent Care and Hospital facilities around the province. Dr. Chris Le, as a Healthquest user in Edmonton North PCN, choses to participate because:

for patients who are more vulnerable or who are complicated… this is where we as the primary care deliverers… can actually give some information when the patients present to acute care.”


Over 840,000 Albertans now have a CED as part of their Alberta Netcare record, and those CEDs record select information from over 4.7 million encounters. Information that wasn’t available in Alberta Netcare before CII/CPAR.

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To learn more about how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care systems work together, see this Frequently Asked Questions document.