Today more than 1,200 physicians, nurse practitioners and allied health professionals are participating in Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) and the program continues to break more ground. As a key step in system improvement, a more integrated healthcare system is making additional information available to providers where and when they need it. 

Through CII/CPAR, important, sometimes lifesaving community information is now being shared with Alberta Netcare through physician, nurse practitioner and team participation in the program. 

An important milestone 

More than 800,000 Albertans have a Community Encounter Digest (CED) in their Alberta Netcare record, making a snapshot of their visit information available when others in their circle of care need it. Importantly, these documents were new to Albertan’s Netcare records when the program began and now they are commonly used to inform care. In the month of March, CEDs were viewed over 18,000 times.
In the early evaluation of the project an emergency department physician provided insight into the value community encounter information:

“It has been useful with some of the encounters ... The one recent patient I had, was in the ER with a bit of emotional distress, but it was just useful to see she actually regularly sees her family doctor. This is something that's been diagnosed before, so this is not a concerning or a new thing that I have to reinvent the wheel (to treat).”

Another way to participate is through the Central Patient Attachment Registry, where, with over 800 physicians and NPs live, the system can identify the primary provider of over 825,000 Albertans. As of April 2022, CPAR primary providers are now being prominently displayed in patients’ Alberta Netcare records.

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