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Archived News

‚ÄčArchived articles, information and postings on the latest updates to the Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) initiative.

Note of acknowledgement: We are aware that these are extraordinary times and we understand COVID-19 is the priority for physicians and PCNs right now. CII/CPAR continues to offer an opportunity for enhanced continuity and remains available to physicians as their situation evolves.
  • Physicians on the TELUS Wolf EMR are using eNotifications information [Apr. 2020] 
  • Specialist consult numbers are on the rise [Mar. 2020]
  • CII/CPAR strongly featured as PCN Strategic Forum attendees build PMH momentum [Feb. 2020]
  • Learn about the state of CII/CPAR heading into the new year [Jan. 2020]
  • This clinic has made the transition to CII/CPAR and is building informational continuity for their patients [Dec. 2019]
  • CII/CPAR eNotifications are helping this clinic with follow-up with patients [Nov. 2019]
  • CII/CPAR - a winner with specialists and family physicians. Read about Dr. Steve Tilley's experience [Nov. 2019]
  • Update letter from the Chair of the Continuity Supports Rollout Steering Committee, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Workforce Planning and Accountability, Alberta Health for PCN Leaders [Nov. 2019]
  • A North Zone clinic takes the plunge in implementing the CII/CPAR initiative [Oct. 2019]
  • CII is making a difference for specialists and patients [Oct. 2019]