Soundbites and Video Clips

In the short clips below, four PCN physicians who are live on CII/CPAR answer common questions and concerns they’ve heard from the field and share the value it has brought both their practices and their patients.
  • Dr. Janet Craig – Edmonton West PCN
  • Dr. Marco Mannarino – Edmonton Oliver PCN
  • Dr. Chris Le – Edmonton North PCN
  • Dr. Sunil Datar – Westview PCN
Dr. Mannarino and Dr. Craig - Family Physicians - Edmonton Zone
4. What happens with the information shared with Alberta Health? Will it be used for performance management? (2 mins.43 secs)

Dr. Craig - Family Physician - Edmonton Zone
Patient stories during COVID 19:

Dr. Le - Family Physician - Edmonton Zone

Heathquest EMR User Perspective

Dr. Datar- Family Physician - Edmonton Zone

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