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  • What is CII/CPAR?11.5 min video [June 2020]
  • Physician to Physician Webinars: Is CII/CPAR Right for You?
    1. A webinar featuring Dr. Chris Le and Dr. Sonnie Oyama [June 7, 2021]
    2. A webinar featuring Dr. Janet Craig and Dr. Ron Shute [April 26, 2021]
Dr. Mannarino and Dr. Craig - Family Physicians - Edmonton Zone
1. Does participating in CII/CPAR require individual patient conversations? (35 secs)
2. What is the benefit to physicians of participating in CII/CPAR? (1 min.18 secs) 
3. What do patients think about sharing their health information? (39 secs)
4. What happens with the information shared with Alberta Health? Will it be used for performance management? (2 mins.43 secs)
5. Do we as providers need to be concerned with sharing patient information to Netcare? (20 secs)
6. Why are Primary Care Networks supporting the CII/CPAR program? (1 min.4 secs)

Dr. Craig - Family Physician - Edmonton Zone
Patient stories during COVID 19:
1. How eNotifications enabled me to make a difference for a patient living with cancer - (2 min video) [July 2021]
2. The Life Saving Potential of eNotifications in the Time of COVID-19 - (2.5 min audio clip) [February 2021]

Dr. Le - Family Physician - Edmonton Zone
1. Do eNotifications create more work?(1 min.34 secs)
2. How do you think CII/CPAR improves patient care?(56 secs)
3. What makes participating in CII/CPAR exciting?(32 secs)

Heathquest EMR User Perspective
4. What is the value of sharing patient encounter data to the Community Encounter Digest in Netcare? (39 secs)
5. Why was CII/CPAR right for you?(2 mins.6 secs)

Dr. Datar- Family Physician - Edmonton Zone
1. Why wouldn't you want to join CII/CPAR? (2 mins.39 secs)
2. A patient story: How CII/CPAR helped me provide an early lung cancer diagnosis (2 mins.17 secs)
3. CII/CPAR: It creates a circle of continuity for patients (2 mins.1 sec)
4. eNotifications are teamwork (and my patients appreciate them!) (1 min.47 secs)

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