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Toward Optimized Practice

Community Information Integration (CII) for Specialists


Community Information Integration (CII) allows specialists to select consults to go directly from their community-based EMR to the Alberta Netcare Portal. Uploaded specialists' consultation reports will appear in the “Consultations” folder in the clinical document viewer in Netcare.

CII is benefiting patients, providers and the healthcare system with minimal workflow changes in the specialist clinic. Reported benefits of CII include:
  • Contribute to continuity of care for your patients:
    • Some patients see many dis-connected providers across the system, or even change providers. However by submitting consults through CII, information is anchored and remains in Alberta Netcare
    • Primary care, emergency department and in-patient physicians are accessing community consult reports for continuity of care
    • Reduces duplicate referrals
  • Showcase your high-quality consult reports on the Alberta Netcare Portal:
    • Makes you and your practice more visible to other providers and signals to other providers that a specialist is involved in a patient's care
    • Your time and energy in consults are available beyond the referring physician
  • No cost to participate
For specific questions, please email